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Corporate Acquisitions,
Mergers & Sales

If you are considering an acquisition, merger or sale as part of your corporate strategy, we have the expertise to help you evaluate a potential deal, plan and overview the due diligence process and successfully complete the transaction.

We provide specialist lawyers and accountants who will ensure that the deal structure is as beneficial as possible to you from a risk and a taxation angle. In conjunction with your management or independently, our team will plan due diligence ensuring that all areas of the business are investigated to highlight any risk areas.

The following bullet points demonstrate the main areas of work we cover in a purchase or a sale. We are able to work in confidence with or without management's knowledge and assistance. It is up to you to decide at which level management is involved and in which areas you require our advice. Our aim is to use our expertise to take as much of the burden of detailed work away from you to enabling you to concentrate on the big picture whilst not diluting your resources and retaining confidentiality.

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